Stanford Lindy Project

Branding & Identity developed for a local swing dance organization

Stanford Lindy Project  |  Branding & Identity

Stanford Lindy Project | Branding & Identity

A branding & identity commission for a local student swing dance organization. My first biggest branding commission project.

Role – Designer
Date – 03/2017 - 04/2017
Biggest Challenge – finding the right inspiration
Biggest Takeaway – how to understand and interpret a client’s needs while maintaining personal aesthetic integrity

Logo Redesign

Logo Redesign

Redesigning the Stanford Lindy Project’s logo was a daunting task, since there was basically nothing to work from. I tackled the task through a series of steps:

1. Inspiration. I found inspiration in a similar organization’s logo. The design was much stronger, with a clear shape that could be scaled and recognized. It also conveyed a sense of movement that was important to the organization’s existence: swing dance.

2. Rudimentary sketch. I made use of the shape of a record, reminiscent of 1920s music. I wanted to use mainly curves as swing is a very “curvy” style of dance.

3. Digitalizing. I used geometric shapes to create the digital version of the logo.